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by chirag on November 26, 2010

Freelancers are always seeking for inspiration, and most of them don’t have an appropriate workplace to build creative solutions for their needs. Today we show you some fantastic spaces we catch up on Flickr with the cooperation of their owners.

@mrcos Workspace

@mrcos workspace has tree computers in modern office furniture.

Alex Giron Workspace

Alex Giron has a big and light office, with professional furniture.

atomicbunny workspace

Atomicbunny is a MAC fan, he has a white furniture that combines with his white MAC systems.

callumchapman workspace

Callumchapman has a small office, because of that he has a clean and well organized desk.

DeclanTM workspace

DeclanTM workspace is very clean and happy, the aquarium provides some color and life to it.

Dekuwa workspace

Dekuwa is also a MAC fan, he has tree beautiful systems in a simple cute room.

Dottie Angel workspace

Dottie Angel has a contemporary desk mixed with modern furniture and a beautiful system.

Hey Brad Workspace

We love this one in particularly. Hey Brad had a brilliant idea creating this simple and cool workspace.

Jacobd Workspace

Jacobd workspace is fantastic but not very cheap for a common freelancer.

Marvelgulp workspace

Marvelgulp has a very inspiring workspace. The big window provides good natural light to the office.

Matthijs-H workspace

Matthijs-H perhaps loves to work at night like most of the freelancers.

Mkosut Workspace

Mkosut workspace is very professional and well localized.

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